• Tony Malaby , tenor sax
  • Chris Cheek, tenor sax
  • Craig Taborn, piano
  • Chris Lightcap, bass
  • Gerald Cleaver, drums

  • Epicenter (Clean Feed, 2015).
  • Deluxe (Clean Feed, 2010).
  • Bigmouth (Fresh Sound, 2003).
  • Lay-Up (Fresh Sound, 2000).
Chris Lightcap's Bigmouth
Chris Lightcap's Bigmouth. photo: Nada Zgank

When Chris Lightcap – a celebrated composer and bassist who has lent his huge sound, propulsive groove and creative vision to a wide-ranging array of artists including Marc Ribot, Regina Carter, Tomasz Stanko, Joe Morris and Matt Wilson – first assembled his own group over ten years ago, he had no idea it would develop into a viable entity. “I just put us all together to amuse myself and see what would happen,” he recollects. Four acclaimed CDs and countless sold-out shows later, Bigmouth has evolved into one of today’s most accomplished creative music ensembles.

Epicenter, the band’s much anticipated follow-up to 2010’s Deluxe, a critically lauded recording that was on twenty of the year’s “best of” lists (including the New York Times, NPR, and JazzTimes), will be released March 4, 2015 on Clean Feed Records.

Chris Lightcap - 'Epicenter'
Chris Lightcap's Bigmouth - 'Epicenter' (2015)

Bigmouth features two profoundly original tenor saxophonists, Tony Malaby and Chris Cheek, the multifaceted genius of keyboardist Craig Taborn, and the creative powerhouse drumming of Gerald Cleaver. The band is, in effect, a “supergroup” within the contemporary world of creative music. Despite each member’s outsize musical personality, together they create a cohesive whole, resulting in grand collective statements of driving, ethereal beauty.

Although the members of Bigmouth are very busy working with dozens of other artists, each manages to carve out time to perform with the band on a regular basis. Lightcap adds, “I’m so happy that everyone has remained enthusiastic about the group. Every time we get together, they show up ready to engage, support each other, throw down, and deliver the goods. We never know how it’s going to turn out but it’s always a great journey.”


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