• Pau Figueres, guitar
  • Ismael Alcina, electric bass
  • Arnau Figueres, percussion

  • Pau Figueres (Whatabout Music, 2015).
Pau Figueres
Pau Figueres. photo: May Zircus

Guitarist Pau Figueres concentrates in a single instrument the various guitaristic traditions from which he comes; the Classical and contemporary music, Flamenco, and other sounds of nowadays are mixed in a unique sound and a way of playing that is out of the usual genre categorization. Deeply influenced and nurtured by figures such as Zoran Dukic, Toti Soler, Paco de Lucía and Pat Metheny, in his music we find heterogeneous elements to work together in an intuitive way, as a result of his extensive musical experience and a life tied to the guitar.

Pau Figueres 'Pau Figueres'
Pau Figueres(Whatabout Music, 2015)

Pau's first album is an introduction into his musical world and a first step into developing his own artistic personality. The sounds of his guitars blend together to create rich textures that seem to come from deep rooted Flamenco and modern music influences. Together with some amazing musician friends who infuse the music with incredible groove and excellent taste, Pau offers us 10 songs that resonate with the Mediterranean essence and at the same time offer us a fresh new approach to Spanish guitar playing.

Born in 1989. Pau is a guitarist who tackles music from multiple interpretative angles using different concepts, understanding and studying the guitar as a versatile cross-over instrument. Both a brilliant performer of his own music and a highly required sideman, he’s immersed in varied musical genres and styles, always trying to produce high quality guitar sounds and creative ideas in every different musical situation he finds himself. From classical music to modern jazz and pop, he feels great respect and admiration for each one of these genres. His original compositions mirror his different approaches to the guitar and to music.

He started working as a live and studio guitarist at the early age of 16. Since then he has taken part in various recording sessions and has collaborated with artists that vary greatly in terms of style and musical context. He has performed as a classical guitar soloist, as a soloist with an orchestra, in chamber music ensembles, in rock bands, backing singers (both solo and being in a band), in jazz, world music and pop bands, and many other types of ensembles. He has played with a large number of the most acclaimed musicians in Barcelona and has performed and recorded in different countries (UK, Spain, Germany, France, USA, Canada, Finland, Portugal, Estonia, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Luxemburg…)

He began to study classical guitar at the age of 8 and went on to do his Bachelors Degree in the Superior School for Music in Barcelona (ESMUC) under the guidance of Zoran Dukic, one of the most distinguished classical guitarists of our time. He finished in 2011 obtaining the highest qualifications. Hence, his technique has been carefully developed and is skilful and confident. In the classical guitar field he has also studied with Vicenç Mayol, Laura Young, Àlex Garrobé and Feliu Gasull. In 2007 he won the Top Prize in the Professional Conservatory for Music of Badalona, in 2005 the First Prize in the Sant Anastasi Competition in Lleida and in 2009 he won both the Second Prize and the Audience Prize in the renowned classical guitar competition Certamen Llobet in Barcelona. As well as having received the best possible academic education, Pau has dedicated a lot of time to learning from other musicians and as a result of painstakingly listening to music, is highly selftaught in many aspects of his musicality.

In the modern music field, he has studied jazz guitar with great guitarist Dani Pérez, taken jazz piano lessons from Joan Aymerich, studied the flamenco technique with Rafael Cañizares, Juan Manuel Cañizares and Anton Jimenez, and learnt jazz concepts from Horacio Fumero, Carme Canela, Gorka Benítez, Bob Reynolds, Andreu Zaragoza, Ben Monder, Jaume Llombart, Adam Levy and Wayne Krantz among others. His technique is a mixture of the Classical and the Flamenco techniques, also embracing the American fingerpicking style, playing with a pick and playing slide guitar. He has a deep knowledge of the guitar as an instrument and of the art of making it sound.


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